Our Issues


The Internet Commerce Association’s legislative agenda includes – but is not limited to — several key issues:

Legislative Agenda for Protection of Domains and Domain Holders:

  • Domains be recognized as private property and domain owners have the rights of private property owners as well as working with the appropriate US government agencies to see these policies pursued within WIPO as well as in bilateral and multilateral trade talks.
  • Higher standards be set for domain name challenges by Trademark holders allowing universality and uniqueness as required measures for dispute resolution
  • Alternative licensing fee systems be established resulting in the consideration of click-through navigation for dispute resolution among similar domains
  • Modification of the tax code to allow for accelerated depreciation of domain names
  • Promote fairness in the consideration of consumer’s costs of annual domain name registration and related fees
  • Participate fully in the battle to eliminate click fraud
  • Participate in discussions regarding Internet governance, including the future role and transparency of ICANN, it’s relationship with the U.S. government, the administration of the generic top level domains (gTLDs) and the pricing of related domain name registrations, and the rules and laws relating to the WHOIS database
  • Establishment of a best practices guideline to help IP professionals unwind legal disputes in an efficient manner and to set acceptable use guidelines for members relating to domain name creation, ownership and implementation.