The business organization known as the Internet Commerce Association is largely composed of companies and individuals that manage, host, resell, buy and own Internet traffic. The traffic may come from a variety of sources like Internet links, domain names and search engines.

The primary mission of the organization is promoting the real benefits and value of Internet traffic, with the partnership with our members, to the regulatory authorities, government, advertising market and the media.

The Internet Commerce Association stands for entrepreneurship and prosperity within Internet arena, with high regards for fairness to tax code, dispute resolution process and regulators.

All of this is considered together with international and United States laws.
The Association exists because of the member’s collective experience, common interest and strength, our voices will be heard all throughout the Internet traffic marketplace.

Goals And Visions

The association hopes to bright together different groups of companies and individuals that host, resell, sell, buy and own Internet traffic.

The association aims to prove the advantages and true value of direct navigation traffic and Internet traffic through focused effort to inform and educate advertisers and media outlets on specialized Internet traffic patterns.

This will allow advertisers to reach a wider and a much more target market compared to other non-internet based advertising mediums like direct mail, radio, TV, print, billboards, etc. The association would aim to educate to interested parties how Internet traffic is much more efficient, cheaper and faster.

The association aims to participate and carefully watch the development of Internet rules and regulations, including dispute resolution, established by the U.S. government. We put high value on fairness when it comes to the legislative agenda.

We aim to regularly communicate with our voice, on behalf or the association’s members, on an international level and Washington, D.C.

The Internet Commerce Association aims to aggressively participate in the mainstream media, with the ultimate goal of informing and educating the globe when it comes to our members, direct navigation and Internet traffic.

The true source of the association’s strength lies in our vast collection of wisdom and experience and diverse membership.
One of our main goal is helping our members to flourish and help the entrepreneur flame burning.

When it comes to the future, the association aims to provide members exclusive privileges such as a publication to our specific issues and participation in key trade shows. The association also aims to provide an audience with government officials in regards to our issues, and to become a respected public voice at proceeding and hearings.

Eventually, the Internet Commerce Association aims to expand membership benefits that include group discounts and insurance pools.